Reflexology and the Newly Pregnant Woman

I am frequently asked, “Is it safe to work on a pregnant woman during her first trimester?” There is a great deal of discussion around this topic with many varying points of view. Although I feel that a viable pregnancy will not be compromised by receiving a Reflexology treatment, I choose not to work on a woman during this vulnerable time. A pregnancy is not considered truly viable until after the first 12 weeks.  If a spontaneous abortion is going to happen it will likely be during this time frame. Experiencing a miscarriage can be a difficult and emotional time for a woman. She may feel sad, disappointed and try to understand why this has happened to her. There is a strong possibility that if she has received any treatment or procedure during her first trimester, it will be looked on as a possible contributor to the miscarriage. Her perception may be that a therapeutic session, whether massage or reflexology, could have been a contributing factor to losing her baby. I don’t want to put the woman or myself in the position of questioning whether the decision to have a treatment has caused the miscarriage. This is not just about my personal professional liability…It is equally about protecting the woman from feelings of guilt and responsibility for having made a decision that she perceives as possibly contributing to her loss.

When a newly pregnant woman approaches me about receiving a reflexology treatment, I will explain that the first trimester is a time to rest, a time to allow her body to prepare for the upcoming 40+ weeks. Once she has eased through the first 12 weeks, I will work with her to make her pregnancy as comfortable and stress-free as possible. There are specific points and reflexes to avoid or work lightly but, in general, a reflexology treatment can provide welcomed rest and relaxation to her on this amazing journey towards motherhood.