Teacher Training - Foot Reflexology Instructor

Dates:  November 2019

The next step in your career…this training is intended for Reflexology Therapists whose goal is to become an Instructor of Foot Reflexology (LCRT – Licensed Canadian Reflexology Teacher) with the Reflexology Association of Canada.  

This training program is ideal if applicants are already practicing the RAC methodology of foot reflexology and wish to advance their career and become teachers of the RAC curriculum.  

You will be mentored throughout this process. The in-class instruction will take place over four days with Linda as your teacher/facilitator.   

If you practice another method of foot reflexology and wish to pursue being licensed through RAC, please contact Linda to discuss options.

Linda has been teaching Foot Reflexology for 25 years. As a Childbirth Educator, she has taught prenatal classes to birthing women and their support/families for two decades. Linda is also a Past-Doula Trainer with DONA International. She brings her years of experience and insights as an Adult Educator to this Teacher Training.

Please contact Linda for more information on the prerequisites for taking this course. She will mentor you through the process, before, during and after the course.

CONTACT: Linda Baril (250) 726-5300 or email


“Linda goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone feels safe and included. She is a great teacher!”

~ Maralee Webber, RCRT

“Linda’s warmth and encouragement created a joyful learning experience which has instilled enthusiasm in me to continue with my goal of becoming a Reflexology Teacher. Thank you, Linda, for being exactly who you are!”

~ Marie Luckhart, RCRT

"Linda creates a comfortable, welcoming and calm setting for student learning. As part of the Reflexology Teacher Training course we were provided with opportunities to practice our presentation skills in a supportive environment. Linda's Teacher Training program has helped me to initiate and establish a successful and sustainable Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT) training and educational program for students of my own."

~ Michele Mork, RCRT, LCRT